Leapster Batteries

Leapster Batteries
Any person has the Leapfrog Leapster2?

Considering buying a Leapster for my daughter, but difficulties in finding online information more detail. For example, what kind of batteries does it require and how long is the battery life? You can also connect headphones to it? Thank you!

Hi – We Love Leapster! The battery life is pretty decent – we buy the magazine though – it's worth. We have Leapster 2 -, but have Leapster and had LMax – take AA. Games can be expensive – Toys R Us usually has a very good sale around Black Friday. Otherwise check Craigslist and eBay – the way used is the price of $ 7.15, depending on the title. All Leapster games to play on all platforms (touch) – there are some improvements for Leapster 2 to monitor their progress online. I've never seen the need to update to do well. We love the game of Scholastic Math Missions, Creature Create and Get Puzzled – are played very often. The other girls like me (ages 6 and 8) Animal Genius and Sonic. Depending on the age of his daughter, Leapfrog Letter Factory and Word are good – are the movies included games – These are HTF – I have them on ebay. Latin Grammar and Rock are fun too – School of Rock songs and games. My oldest daughter comes to rest – still has the Get Puzzled a level not too easy for her. It does so in his "time" and I like to keep some things fresh. My 6 year old, likes it that way – especially Cartridges school Rock. (These are also on eBay we have HTF) As for the headset – it is an option – but I must say – even when my children are side by side, playing different games, not take them. The sound is not as loud, but loud enough to listen. If cost is an issue – look for a system used in eBay, you can get a Leapster, and sometimes the games included on ebay (a charger if you're lucky) – System, 7-9 games, and sometimes a charger can run around $ 70-90. If your daughter has small hands and seeks a more comfortable to hold – The LMax used is the way forward – but the charger that is harder to find. Feel free e-mail with other questions —

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